Scratch Programming for Kids

Level: Beginner

Scratch Program Information

The main challenge of teaching programming is how to explain difficult concepts like syntax, parameters and variables to young children. Scratch, a programming language that was developed by MIT in USA, solves this issue with its colorful animation to help illustrate difficult concepts and simplify the learning of how to code.

In this program, we teach kids how to create games, videos and stories, while learning the foundations of coding. Kids will get to know the Scratch learning environment, and use animated characters and engaging graphic design tools. They will create different projects by dragging and dropping colorful built-in blocks of code, which will help them learn the internal logic and structure of programming.

Previous knowledge of coding is NOT required.

1 Class/Week

Level : Beginner

Weekly Classes : 1 Class of 1 Hour

Commitment : 12 Classes, 3 Months

Language : English

Location: Online classes, Led by an Instructor

Fees: $125 CAD/ Month

Pay for 3 Months (minimum commitment)

Then pay monthly with no

commitment until you cancel

Fully refundable within 10 days of first day of program, includes 1 trial class

2 Classes/Week

Level : Beginner

Weekly Classes : 2 Classes 1 Hour Each

Commitment : 24 Classes, 3 Months

Language : English

Location: Online classes, Led by an Instructor

Fees: $200 CAD/ Month

Pay for 3 Months (minimum commitment)

Then pay monthly with no

commitment until you cancel

Fully refundable within 10 days of first day of program, includes 1 trial class


We offer a money back guarantee on all our programs. Your fees are fully refundable during the trial period which includes 1 trial class.

Program Curriculum

Learn while having fun

Our curriculum consists of 3 different levels:

  • Introductory Level
  • Moderate Level
  • Challenging Level

Each level has multiple themed projects. Each project is designed carefully to teach young students the difficult programming concepts in a simple, fun and engaging ways.



Adventure on High Seas

This is among the first projects that students will code. Students will learn the basics of Scratch programming environment and logic while animating an ocean wave, then tell a story that takes place on the high seas.

Coding Adventure

In this project, students will tell a story using one of their favorites cartoon characters. They will learn about computer science and Scratch and then use loops, events, and sequencing to tell the story of the character they chose as the hero of the coding adventure.


Students will use programming to tell many fun and interactive stories. They will create stories using codes in which characters can walk and talk. They will code stories where audience can interact with the stories and make decisions. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging students to tell a unique story each day.

Game Design

Students will learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, maze, platform, quest, cave surfing and launcher game.

Fashion & Design

Here students will program fashion-themed programs including a fashion walk, a stylist tool, a window shopping and a pattern maker. Students will also build a project that reflects what you have learned and accomplished in Douglas Tech Academy Fashion and Design lessons.

Other Themes

Students will go through many other themed lessons to learn different concepts like syntax, if statement, loops, parameters and variables in a fun and engaging way. Themes includes but not limited to Sports, Arts, Animation, ...etc

How It works

Kids participate in live online lessons in small interactive groups. Each class is led by an experienced instructor who starts each class by giving a short lecture explaining a concept, then students will dive into their hands-on assignments and projects. 

The instructor will encourage students to complete their project and motivates them to go beyond and complete all the add-on assignments.

Live Lessons Online

We teach live classes online: an instructor and a small group of students meet once or twice a week in an online virtual classroom. We use web conference technology that allows live student-instructor interaction, including screen sharing, so everyone can see what the instructor is doing on their desktop. Students can fully participate in the lesson by using chat or their microphones. This method of teaching adds both a social and emotional element that supports the learning process immensely.

When Screen Time Can Be Good

Kids are growing digitally anyway! We design our classes to address the different needs of our students. Whatever your kids’ personal interests, from sports to arts to science, to video games, they can learn to express themselves creatively through code, often in ways that reflect and expand upon those personal interests.

Have Any Questions?

Yes. This program is designed for young children who have no formal experience in coding.

We teach kids aged 7-15. The relevant age group for the Scratch Programming for kids is 7 – 9.

It depends on the program and duration of enrollment. Our fees are as follows:

$110 CAD per month if your child will attend 1 class per week for 3 months and

$175 CAD per month if your child will attend 2 classes per week for 3 months

We offer a risk-free trial period with a money-back guarantee. We invite all new students to try 1 class for a nominal fee that will be fully refunded in case you decide not to continue after the trial period. The trial period lasts 10 days, starting from the first day of the program, and includes 1 online class.

If you decide to cancel after the trial period, fees will be proportional to the number of classes from the beginning of the program with an additional 25% of total program fees.

You can request a refund by sending an email to support@DouglasAcademy.ca or by replying to your payment receipt email before the end of the 10 days trial and we will refund you.

No! Tablets do not work! A simple computer or laptop that connects to WIFI is the minimum we look for to be able to join your online classes! 

We strongly recommend enrolling students into the class that matches their age group. Our instructors review the performance of students regularly and they will decide if your child is ready to move to next level.

Yes, we offer 15% sibling discount. After enrolling your first child, email our customer experience team at support@DouglasAcademy.ca and they will be happy to issue a discount coupon for every additional child you want to register.

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